10 juni 2023
10:00 - 17:00

All garden locations

A new Open Tuinen West will be organised on Saturday 10th of June 2023. 

One ticket (with city map) gave you entry to all gardens for € 3.50. Children and citypass holders will go free. Buy your ticket at one of the startingpoints listed below. You support our local community initiative too by buying your ticket. You can pay only contactless (NFC) with all major cards, Apple Pay, and Google pay. No cash please, for safety reasons.

The ticket (with city map) contains all garden locations and descriptions of the main gardens. So you can easily plan your local journey and discover all of our hidden gardens.

Below startingpoints and gardens have committed for 2022. Update this page for the latest garden info.

Starting points

Buy your ticket at one of the startingpoints below
Open Saturday June 11 from 10:00

1. DE TUIN VAN JAN Jan Maijenstraat 17, 1056 SE. Behind the Mercator square, see map. Take tram 7, 13 of 14, stop at Mercatorplein or take bus 15 or 18.

Water ripples, leafs murmur and birds singing. Jan's Garden is a silent garden and a paradise garden. 

| child friendly | rainproof | toilet |

2. I CAN CHANGE THE WORLD WITH MY TWO HANDS Jasper Leijnsenstraat 21, 1056 XW, see map.

Since 2011, fallow land has been transformed into a green, edible oasis. The 1200 m2 inner area combines small-scale urban agriculture with vegetable gardens for local residents. I can change developed a smart local compost system called Afval naar oogst. It's use is expanding in 5 extra green localitionsin Amsterdam.

special flowers | kitchen garden | food & drinks |  neighbourhood function | rainproof | composting |

3. JOHANNAPARK - Johannapark 1, 1054 KB. Entrance via the gate next to Overtoom 353, see map.

Where the Vondelpark nursery once was, the residents have created a private communal garden (800 m2). There are vegetable beds, flower beds, sunny sitting areas and lots of flowers.

|  kitchen garden |  special trees | special flowers | composting |

4. GARDENS OF MIDWESTCabralstraat 1, 1057 CD Amsterdam, see map.

The MidWest schoolyards are test stations for urban ecology, climate resilience, social innovation and bee management. Here you will find wadis, fruit trees, ponds, a chicken coop, a neighborhood oven and hives.

| composting | rainproof |  kitchen garden  | food & drinks | toilet | art |

5. HUGO DE GROOTHOFEerste Hugo de Grootstraat 13, 1052 HK, see map.

The Weduwenhof (Widow courtyard), now known as the Hugo de Groothof, was built in 1882 by W. Langhout, an Amsterdam School architect. It was intended to accommodate 40 women and 100 children. At eleven o'clock the light went out and the gate locked. Visitors were not allowed after. The board offered financial and material assistance in case of emergency, for example in finding work. From 1950 there were virtually no more children living there. In 1979, each home received two rooms, a kitchen, and its own bathroom. The last widow left in 1982 and it then was renamed Hugo de Groothof. Most properties are now rented out. The garden is an oasis of peace with lots of flowers and fragrant (bee) shrubs.

|  old courtyard garden  |  special architecture  |  communal  garden | 

foto Amsterdam Rainproof

- Nicolaas Beetsplantsoen, 1053 KB, see map.

Since 2016 we have been busy with fertilising, watering, sowing and harvesting this public square. But especially with meeting, chatting, helping, cooking and relaxing.

|  flowergarden  |  wheelchair accessible  | public garden  |  kitchen garden  |

7. DE TUINEN VAN WESTERPARK - Sloterdijkerweg 22, 1014 CB Amsterdam, see map.

From early spring to autumn, the gates are open during the day and everyone is welcome to come and walk in the greenery, enjoy the peace and quiet and participate in the activities.

|  flower garden  |  wheelchair accessible  |  communal garden  |  kitchen garden  |

Other garden locations (not starting points)

8. NATUURTUIN SLATUINEN - Slatuinenweg 45, 1057 KB, see map.

In this green oasis in the middle of an urban stone desert, you can enjoy the rare plants, the shimmering birds and the small mammals.

| child friendly | rainproof |  special flora  |  special fauna  | special trees | food & drinks | toilet |

9. NATUURSPEELTUIN PLANWEST - Entrance via Van Speijkstraat 65, 1057 GM.

If you cycle through the street you do not expect that there is a huge courtyard behind these houses with a children's playground. Here they can play, climb, run and romp around in nature.

Update: opened from 12 PM (due to illness)

|  playgarden |  child friendly  |  wheelchair accessible  |  toilet  |

10. GRACHTEN VAN SMARAGD (EMERALD CANALS) - Start the guided tour at Bilderdijkkade 814, 1053 VN

All Amsterdam houseboats to have a green roof. That is the dream of “the Emerald Canals” for 2025, as a gift to the city when it celebrates its 750th birthday. In 2016, the greening of four boats along the Da Costakade started, followed by four on the Bilderdijkkade the following year. In the meantime, many green houseboat roofs have been realized throughout the city.

At the Open Gardens Day 2022 you will see the pilot with three examples of biodiverse roofs on houseboats so that even more space is created for butterflies and bees in the city. Be inspired to make your roof or the roof of your shed, or extension green or make it multicolored.

Guided tours start at 13:00 and 15:00 PM.

| publicly accessible | rainproof | wheelchair accessible |

11. CORDAAN CENTER KIJKDUINKijkduinstraat 17, 1055 XP, see map. Tram 19, or bus 21.

Started as a center for adults with a psychiatric or psychosocial background. All neighbors are now welcome for a chat, a cup of coffee or to sit quietly in the garden. A unique neighborhood place where greenery takes a central place. Open only between 12 am and 5 pm.

|  wheelchair accessible  |  communal garden | food & drinks | toilet  | art |

12. BAARSJES BUURTTUIN - Entrance via Marco Polostraat 191.

Here are dozens of vegetable garden where often an entire family harvests their produce. There is a lot of attention for flowers, insects, bees, vegetables and fruit. Urban Farming in optima forma.

|  kitchen garden  |  wheelchair accessible | children activities |

13. KAS KEERWEER - Admiraal de Ruijterweg 19, 1057 JT.

Here you can quietly read a good book, chat with each other and follow green workshops. There is also a worm hotel.

Do you want to be a flower princess or prince? You learn how to make a flower wreath or staff and you go outside as a flower prince(ss). We work with natural materials, real flowers and also make flowers from crepe paper.

Update: a special activity for the kids. Between 13 and 16 AM kids can learn how to make 'weeds-butter' with herbs and flowers from the garden. The workshop is free and takes about 15 minutes. Registration is not necessary.

|  kitchen garden  |  food & drinks  |  worm hotel  |  special tree  | children activities |

14. DE WACKERSTUIN - Eerste Helmersstraat 271, 1054 DZ. see map.

The WackersTuin is a quiet innergarden behind the Wackers Academy, a classical art academy. It houses a common garden for 30 households. Since 2015, the tiled playground (350 m2) of this old school was transformed into a varied garden. There are 15 vegetable gardens, flowers, trees, shrubs, a greenhouse, a tomato field and a herb circle. Some members have a vegetable garden, others take care of an ornamental garden by growing in the greenhouse. There are also 2 worm hotels to make compost from organic waste, garden waste and coffee grounds. The garden is almost self-sufficient in its own compost. The WackersTuin organizes concerts, an urban gardening course, botanical drawing/painting workshops in collaboration with Wackers Academy and a fermenting workshop. The students of the Wackers Academy also enjoy the garden to draw and paint, sculpt and have a quite lunch.

|  kitchen garden |  worm hotel | composting | flower garden  | toilet | wheelchair accessible | art |

15. GWL AREA Waterkersweg 316, 1051 PK Amsterdam

Here is a quiet green public walking area, in a sustainable car-free neighbourhood. The first homes were completed in 1997. 63 fruit trees have been maintained by volunteers for 25 years. From 2013, the area will be increasingly greened. Stone squares become green spaces. There are utility gardens where residents garden to their heart's content, surrounded by hedges. They attract many birds, including swifts and sparrow colonies. Grass strips have been transformed into long-flowering plots that promote biodiversity. Composting and experimenting with water retention, drought resistance and heat stress. Every month many volunteers work in public green spaces. That group is growing and the greening continues.

|  kitchen garden |  composting | communal garden  | toilet nearby | wheelchair accessible |

16. CATHARINAHOFJE - Entrance via Overtoom 224, 1054 HZ.

This courtyard with a courtyard garden was built over 100 years ago (1906) on the recently filled-in Overtoom. Female students still live in the eleven apartments

|  old courtyard garden  |  wheelchair accessible  |  special architecture|  toilet  | 

17. VAN KINSBERGEN BINNENTUIN - Entrance via Van Kinsbergenstraat 63, 1057 PN.

The Ymere housing association is developing an ecological garden at this location. The goal is to give a piece of nature back to Amsterdam. Water scales, rough grass, stinse plants and butterfly plants can be seen.

|  special trees  |  rainproof  |  looking garden  |  flower garden  | toilet  | 

18. DE LUTHERHOF - Entrance Staringplein 9, 1054 VJ.

From the monumental hall of the Lutherhof one enters the Garden Garden. A gravel path surrounds the historic garden, completed with original lanterns, a stone vase, beautiful plants and a seat for residents.

|  old courtyard garden  |  wheelchair accessible  |  toilet  |

19. DE STOKER WATERTUIN - Entrance via Gallerie De Stoker, Witte de Withstraat 124, 1057 ZH.

Due to increasing rainfall, the garden became more and more a swamp. The garden was made rainproof in the spring of 2018. Frogs, snails and water-loving plants are enjoying themselves again.

|  rainproof  |  special trees  |  toilet  | artprojects |

20. FREDERIKSTUIN - Toegang via Frederiksstraat 28, 1054 LD

This inner garden is on a site that has been neglected for years. Local residents put a stop to this. Since April 2018 there has been a common ornamental and herb garden here.

|  garden in development  | flower garden | communal garden | art |

21. THE MIRACLE GARDEN - 1056 BV Amsterdam, 52.374141,4.849648,17

The Miracle Garden is a unique flower garden in the Erasmuspark, initiated and designed by the Amsterdam-based visual artist Elspeth Diederix. It is the breeding ground for the Miracle Series: unique artworks developed from the garden, which will appear on billboards at various moments through its seasons. There’s an array of the most spectacular flowers in bloom all year round. An enthusiastic team of local residents take care of all the daily upkeep and practical maintenance. More info: www.themiraclegarden.nl

| wheelchair accessible | flowergarden  | special flora | special fauna | artprojects |


21. MERKELBACH LANDLUST - Entrance at gate behind Willem de Zwijgerlaan 331, 1055 RA

Built in 1932 by Merkelbach & Karsten as one of the first strip-building flats in the Netherlands. Alternating green lanes and parking lanes. The Neighborhood Garden Landlust has been redesigned and furnished, for and by residents.

| wheelchair accessible | special architecture | communal garden|


23. BEEGARDEN PLANTASIA- Erasmuspark, 1056 BV, 52.374141, 4.851102

In addition to the honey bee, dozens of species of 'wild bees' live in Amsterdam. Bee garden Plantasia offers these important animals a new home that is as diverse as they are. The bee garden is designed to mimic the natural environment. Plants and insects can live here undisturbed. Did you know that 70% of wild bees nest in the soil? That is why, in addition to an insect hotel, there is also a sod wall. Hopefully you will also receive inspiration here to make your balcony or garden more bee-friendly.

|  special flora | special fauna | flowergarden |


NATIONALE BOMENBANK NOORD HOLLAND - Lutkemeerweg 328, 1067 TH (Nieuw-West)

By sustainably preserving trees, both young and old, we contribute to solving urbanization and climate change. We use this to build a healthy city. To this end, our services are based on sustainability, scientific research, practical insight and natural principles.

|  special trees |  special flora  | special fauna  |  nationalebomenbank.nl  |


PING PONG PARCK - Overtoom 428, 1054 JV

Ping Pong Parck has suitable drinking corners and a separate room with two PingPong tables and a table football. We have everything in house for an original and unforgettable drink.

|  eten en drinken  | toilet  |  rolstoel toegankelijk | cafeparck.nl |


BAR BAARSCH - Jan Evertsenstraat 91, 1057 BS

Located on the corner of Jan Evertsenstraat and Vespuccistraat, Bar Baarsch is located in the heart of the Baarsjes. All Open Gardens west visitors can come here on June 11 for a refreshing homemade lemonade or coffee with apple pie for only € 6.50.

|  food and drink  | toilet  |  wheelchair accessible | barbaarsch.nl |


CHABROL WINES - Overtoom 444, 1054 JW

A beautiful garden in a quiet courtyard. Come and enjoy the tranquility. More special wines and bites are available for the Open Tuinen West visitors.

|  food and drinks  |  toilet  |  horse  | chabrolwines.com |


WILDERNIS - Bilderdijkstraat 165F, 1053 KP

We want to make the city greener. That is why we work together with other green professionals and organizations. Together we set up projects and organize workshops and lectures about plants, nature and (urban) gardening.

| special plants | special flora | special fauna | exphibition | workshops | wildernisamsterdam.nl |